The Beauty That Is

Dear Future Self,

Life’s a spectacle once we open our eyes to what is.

For so long we get caught up in a dark abyss that plagues us and battles us for control over our lives.

Battling this darkness is never ending, put your resistance away. Accept the suffering and accept what is.

Accept this very moment choose to take actions based in reality to improve your current situation.

No more allowing escapes, today is the day it all changes. No more falling in and out of awareness, today is the day we be.

We are all beautiful once we allow ourselves to be, let the beauty of the universe flow through you. Become flexible like water, don’t live according to expectation live according to what is, nothing more.

Choose to strive to be your best self in every circumstance and opportunity you’ve been given. Work to find your balance, work to find your purpose and work to better those around you.

Only when we follow the right view with the right actions and mindset are we able to create our own so-called heavenly kingdom.

Choose to elevate your levels of consciousness. Choose entertainment that engages you on all three levels of being.

Choose to give your time to things that will truly develop you for the betterment of humanity.

Find your way to source valuable information so that you can become insightful and add value to others.

Don’t limit yourself, we have so much potential if we give ourselves fully to whatever it is we want.

Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power and can create a true euphoric reality.

Choose to engage in your reality whatever it may be. If you find yourself escaping to long into desired activities work on monitoring and evaluating yourself.

Make sure no matter what you do you keep one foot in reality.

It’s so easy to get lost in fantasy where our daily stressors are no longer applicable, but avoidance and procrastination of the problem will most likely lead to a snowball effect which creates a prison within ourselves that could become hard to escape.

We become our own captors, our own worst enemies as our worst critiques.

Don’t get trapped in the mind and the realm of overthinking, if you can stay out of your own way.

Give your attention to things that build you up so you can work on increasing your confidence and self-esteem in the long-term.

Don’t get trapped in a narrow-minded way of thinking, there’s always ways we can see outside ourselves seeing life from various perspectives.

Don’t get caught up in one way of being, before you know it your whole dynamic to life changes.

We are all that we are, it is what it is and if it’s meant to be it’ll be.

No use in forcing and creating unneeded stress, be patient and the universe will unfold beautifully if you let it.

Be happy, life’s to short to be anything else.

All we have is little moments, make sure you cherish them like nothing else.

It could take a life time to see the signs so lets remind every mind we’re the same.

Happiness is the only way to be, unlocking our true potential and kingdom of greatness.

Choose to be happy, choose to release the negative and express the positive.

Choose to be the light of the world – your being will inspire a profound thought process to those who experience your kindness.

Choose to transcend your most basic wants and needs, don’t give them to much energy, choose to focus your energy on things that truly matter in the end all be all.

Choose to fill your space with intellectual knowledge so that you can establish the most proficient path to achieve whatever it is you desire.

Don’t lose your creativity, your patience or your faith; good things take time and most people won’t be able to see the true genius that is you.

Stick with your vision till it becomes a reality. Work at it day after day, project after project till it becomes you’re onus. Stick with it till it becomes your duty upholding the entirety of what is.

Your future can be defined by you if you choose to believe with whole hearted conviction. Change begins with you and there’s no better time to start than right now if you haven’t already.

Choose to see the bigger picture and with peace, love and positivity the picture becomes clearer.


Future Self


Changing Demands

Control what you can and let the universe play out… nothing will ever be considered perfect.. life’s what you make it.

Choose to be happy with what you’ve got and to make the most of every moment.

Truthfully most of our situations are not all that bad.. we just tend to linger in our sadness..

Don’t let that be you.. find your happiness and never let it go.


Why does it feel like theres so much turbulence when trying to change directions for the course of your life for the better?

You’re trying to do something for the greater good, why does it have to have so many complications?

Don’t let the outer world change your inner being.

Let love guide you.

Keep it simple stupid.

Don’t let outside forces influence your behavior.

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