Correlating your Words with Actions

Start living in accordance to what you say. Don’t take risks with your word, be honest and genuine always.

If you have nothing good to say don’t say it. If the situation has to be addressed be assertive be sensitive the fact some people take life personally.

Don’t get defensive, it shows your insecure and weak.

Silence can be a strength when used properly. In this case, be silent if you have nothing good to say, choose to lift people up rather than push them down. The human tongue is fatal as it holds the power to life and death.

Be smart. Don’t cause unnecessary drama, karma is karma however you slice it. What you put out to the world will eventually come back to you so have good intentions with everything you do.

Honor your self. Speaking out of turn or just to speak is foolish and only makes you look silly. Choose to listen when the time calls for it, be attentive and respond genuinely.

Integrity is key. What’s the point of making promises to yourself or others if you never follow-up with it? Abide by your word like your reputation hangs on the line in every single case. Choose to take the high road and not to stoop to low-forms of being. Ignore those who speak foolishly.

There’s no point in trying to convince a fool, they’re always right.

Be smart with the company you keep. Don’t be around people who constantly bring you down. Find people who are encouraging, positive, and supports you in your endeavors.

Don’t let people break your will. No matter what great news you have people will dismiss it as if it were of no importance. Don’t let naysayers come between you and potential opportunities, just be you, show up and do your best.

Sometimes we need to break out of our current conditions to really achieve our peak greatness. Don’t let anything deter you. Don’t share your full self with everyone, give yourself to those who are loyal and see your worth.

Try not to talk when there’s nothing to say. Some moments speak for themselves and we just have to acknowledge what is with clear eyes and an open heart.

Don’t make false promises. Deliver on your word and build a strong reputation built on integrity and finishing what you start.

Today is a new day and it’s never to late to start honoring your word. Take gradual steps, focus on small feats till you can accomplish something greater than yourself.

Make a conscious effort to say less and do more. Be humble but strong, quiet but perseverant.

Exceed expectations and work for the intrinsic rewards. Work to please yourself first then aim to please those around you.


Unedited: 29 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer

1. Don’t stop writing, be consistent developing your skill.
2. Find your voice, your cause, your reason for writing.
3. Determine what sets your work apart from others.
4. Harness your own creative approach and technique in a way that you are efficient and timely.
5. Develop a system for your writing.
6. Determine the key audience which is targeted by your article.
7. Determine the types of content that would engage the desired individuals.
8. Don’t stop building your knowledge; create foundational blocks for future use and expand to related subject as time proceeds.
9. Find your inspiration; what gives meaning to your writing? what encourages you to find new topics?
10. Find your sense of adventure. Try doing things differently to spice up life.
11. Utilize various types of writings to encourage unique expression.
12. Don’t critique till you’re done writing.
13. Allow yourself to find your flow pouring all concentration into the current piece of work.
14. Read articles pertaining to the same topics as the articles you write about.
15. Look for different angles and perspectives, new takes on the current topics.
16. Engage with your audience or a similar interest group; find out where you can discuss topics that are important to them.
17. Use pictures to define the thousand words or quotes to simplify deep/complex thoughts
18. Write without a topic, free-write just to get use to the habit of writing.
19. Use social media sites tailored to your type of writing and message.
20. Make a system for discovering new words.
21. Always seek to understand words relating to your field/topics that you may not of fully understood.
22. Google for .PDF versions or audiobooks of your favorite books; you never know what you might find online for free.
23. Have a direction for what it is you intend to learn.
24. Always aim to simplify your actions. Reading and writing are the two major concerns to grow.
25. Have someone read your rough-drafts and search for flaws, errors.
26. Be a self-aware writer; learn to adapt to the feedback your audience displays.
27. Choose to challenge yourself, write about things you would love to learn about just be honest with yourself and your writers.
28. Choose to see the bigger picture, there’s lots of time to learn, lots of time to grow, focus on perfecting each article as efficiently as possible, do your best forget the rest.
29. Aim to complete articles on a timely basis, if you plan on getting it done today.. get it done today.

Intrinsic Value & Self-Worth

Living according to other’s expectations and opinions is not a formula for success.. if anything its the formula for failure..

If you live your whole life doing what people tell you then when do you start doing things for yourself?

If you’re always scared to do things your own way you’ll never be happy. Sometimes we need to go against the current, against the resistance in order to establish a new order.

Let this new order be one that you choose, one that identifies with your needs and wants. Don’t live your life always wondering if you’re good enough or cool enough to fit in with others.

Create your own niche. Create your own beliefs, your own habits, your own way to being.

We establish our “how-to” based on the environment we were brought up in and the people we’re surrounded with.

Our “how-to”, our beliefs and our ways of being usually are an accumulation of behavior we once thought would gain us acceptance. We act out of the need of approval from others and thus this act became a part of our being, a way to gain acknowledgement and recognition.

Get out of this way of thinking.. the only opinion that truly matters is yours. Find your own role models, determine the things you like, the things you don’t like and establish what it is you want to be.

Even our parents can minimize our values and beliefs but that’s cause they doing coincide with those of their own or their expectations for us but that’s fine. We all need to be more open and warming to each other’s beliefs. It’s okay to think differently.. that’s what makes us, us.

You’ll never see the picture clear until you walk away from your fear of rejection. Who cares about rejection.. if they don’t like you it’s their choice, their loss.

Just focus on being a good person, be humble, appreciate the moment but be devoted to a cause. Fight for something you believe in.

Fight for equality, love, fairness, animal rights, for the earth.. find something that allows you to put your efforts into something greater than yourself.

When life remains motionless and we fail to add value to others we begin to develop a pessimistic viewpoint, we begin to see life narrow-minded, we begin feeling “is this all that there is?”

Realistically there’s plenty to be attained but the rewards are intrinsic and intangible and are only available to those who search for them.

Seeing your own self-worth is a way to regulate emotions. Don’t get to caught up in other people’s words, the tongue has the power of life or death, take the good with the bad but learn not to identify to strongly to other people’s opinions, cause remember that’s all they are, opinions.

You determine your reality, you determine whether today was a win or a wash, you determine the meaning of your life and you determine what you give your energy to, just be sure it’s the right source.

“You have a destiny, you are a human of intrinsic value, you were born to fulfill a mission” – Sunday Adelaja

So I leave you with 3 simple reflective questions..

What do you do to build intrinsic value?

How do you build up your self-worth?

and what philosophies helped you to develop thick skin?

Please comment, let me know how you choose to cope, let me know how you improve yourself and how this article resonated with you.


Silence & Repressed Thoughts

How much relaxing is to much relaxing?

I guess that depends on the individual.. but realistically we only need to relax to re-energize.

Here’s a thought..

Do you re-energize when you relax? or do you feel depleted? drained?

For me.. I sometimes have a hard time letting myself relax.. as much as I want to I get stuck in the realm of being “in between” my mind is one place but my body is in another..

I don’t always feel like I deserve to relax.. I feel like there’s always more I could be doing.. I feel like I’m wasting my time but regardless I bask in relaxation more than I should.

See this “in between” feeling is considered restlessness.

Why do I feel restless when I want to relax? Probably because it’s become a tedious part of life.. relaxing is no longer relaxing it’s actually a state of restlessness.. I’m carrying the stress with my when I relax.. I can’t even relax fully.. when it comes to relaxing I have 100 ideas of what I could do but none of them are pleasing enough.. none of them give me the result I want.

This is why I’ve eventually turned to blogs over the course of time.. due to this restlessness that lives within me.

I’m not happy sitting in front of the TV for hours on end.. but yet where do I find myself for hours out of the day? week?

It’s so hard to get away from the TV.. it’s soul-sucking, mind-capturing and filled with subliminal messages.. it’s a way to numb the thinking, a way to silence our thoughts..

So I guess this is where we draw the line in terms of television.. how much relaxing is to much relaxing? Probably when you begin to feel like me.

It’s not that I relax 24/7 but it’s the fact I’ve built my life out of convenience. I neglect all the outgoing possibilities and instead turned to finding comfort being my introverted self.

Being your happy introverted self isn’t a problem.. you can’t change the fact you’re “introverted” but you can change the frequency in which you engage in outgoing activities..

For me.. my life was built in the darkness.. I’ve accumulated all my hours of training in the darkness, I’ve come to face my fears in the darkness.. but now I’m at the stage where I need to step into the light.

I’ve been isolated and separated from the rest of humanity and consciousness for to long.. it was a personal choice as I was determined to find the true me.. but now I’m here, I know who I am and I know what I want to be.. happy.

So this is where I’m at.. finally proud to be myself.. now I want to expand my social circle and network with like-minded people.

I use to have false beliefs thinking “everyone was out to use you” or “people only care about themselves“.. but I’ve come to realize that’s not completely true.. there’s a polarity, a continuum of all things living. For all good there’s bad and for all bad there’s good, nature has a way of balancing things out.

What you choose to believe will become your reality.. what you choose to believe will become your overgeneralization and what you believe will determine your levels of happiness. The world is a reflection of our inner selves, choose to see the good that is you and bring your lightness to the world.

If you’re tired of being restless, switch it up. Don’t be afraid to do something different, that’s when life really gets exciting.

Don’t resort to feeling the way I did.. I was trapped in isolation, in my mind and in hopelessness for so long but that’s because I wasn’t giving attention to the thoughts that demanded my attention. Don’t let that be you.. find your time to enjoy the silence, find your time to embrace your repressed thoughts and find your time to let go of the negativity.

Just breathe, take it one day at a time and eventually you can find your inner peace. But you’ll never get there if you don’t let your soul speak, so be quiet and listen up.

Finding Grace in a New Day

Do you ever wake up and just feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

You Should! you deserve it!

You deserve to see each new day as brand new!

You deserve clarity, you deserve purpose, and you deserve all that is.

Today is a beautiful day and another day we can be freed from our troubled minds.

Don’t waste time being sorrowful, life’s to short to be anything but happy.

Each morning make a deliberate attempt to do everything you can to be happy… do anything you can to set the mood and direction for your day.

Our mornings can be useless or our most efficient time of the day depending on our approach..

A lot of the time I find myself waking up all groggy wanting to do nothing more than sit on the couch and enjoy a show with my coffee..

but that’s fine.. how we utilize our time depends completely upon ourselves and our needs/wants at the moment.

So if my need was to unwind due to the fact I had a long day in what would be yesterday than so be it..

Allow yourself to flow and determine what is important at this very moment.. determine what all your options are.. and determine what is the best course of actions what will improve your day, week, month in the long run.

Sometimes we need to keep a short-term approach to our day.. don’t think so grand.. think minimal.. think only in terms of what will make you happy today.. sometimes we need a day for our minds and bodies to recover.

After this stress management approach get back to the long-term perspective of achieving.

Determine what is truly important and urgent for you..

Determine what your biggest tasks may be.. and tackle them.. as Brian Tracy would say “Eat that Frog!”, determine what your biggest priority task is and work tirelessly until completion.

Once we start finishing and completing everything we aim to do the world starts opening up in new ways..

We begin to create order out of what would of been mundane chaos.

What’s making your life chaotic?

Are you working to create order out of chaos?

What are your mornings like? Do you wake up just to escape? or do you tackle life as it is?

What’s your attitude in the morning like? What’s your attitude throughout your day? your week? your month?

Do you strive for better each day or do you choose to ignore your problems?

What are you waiting for to encourage real change?

Do you give yourself enough time in the mornings to get what you need to get done? Have you ever heard of the 80/20 Principle?

We don’t need to give our time 100% to the things we hope to accomplish.. what the 80/20 principle portrays is that we can get 80% of the things we need to accomplish done within 20% of our day.

That should be the mentality.. the fact that we can accomplish so much in so little time..

Imagine you could have the expectations and results you wanted only dedicating 20% of your day..

Imagine living life without stressing about the simple things we didn’t do..

Imagine always being prepared for the day.. always feeling tip-top, always being happy..

The formula seems so simple.. but yet so many people refuse to do the things we know we can.

Don’t get stuck in the cycle of wasting 100% of your time.. don’t neglect what needs to be done.. be deliberate and make a transformational effort to dedicate your mornings to a higher purpose.

Dedicate your mornings to your well-being.. dedicate your mornings so you don’t have to think twice about life.. so that you don’t have to live in regret of what could of been.. work so you can see and earn the abundance the universe has to offer..

Stop being insecure and living in constant worry.. today could be the day it all changed… but know this.. even if we fail today.. we can try again tomorrow.. and if we fail tomorrow.. we can try again the next day.. the possibilities are endless when you commit yourself to the ongoing process.

Life is beautiful and I really don’t want people to feel sorry for themselves.. I beat myself up just as much as anybody and if there’s anything I’ve learnt over the course of my life is to stop resisting what is.

Stop being here and wanting to be there.. stop thinking about the past mistakes or your potential expectations.. Start living today for today.

There’s so much beauty to be found once we choose to open our eyes.

I hope we all can find our happy places and live full of abundance..

With that I say, start now.. choose to love yourself.. choose to work on those things that really bother you.. choose to be prepared for whatever may come your way.. prepare but don’t worry.. know that you have actions in place to overcome what is.. if things go wrong remember nothing is the end all be all.. nothing is everything except our faith in the one and only. If we lose faith we lose everything.. don’t give up on yourself.. if there’s a will there’s a way.

“Every morning I wake up with an unknown, unexplainable joy of life. Then I get lost in the beauty of the morning sun and all the magnificence that surrounds me.” – Debasish Mridha

Living Fantasy & Emotional Sabotage

Something I realized.. that thankfully I finally stepped out of.. was the realm of emotional sabotage and living within fantasy.

Something we hear a lot about nowadays is “Peter Pan Syndrome“.. a disorder in which we fail to mature into the beings we are capable and instead resort to our childhood tendencies..

This is more common in our day in age than any other..

Now a days we are all so fixated on consuming and pleasing our senses..

We’re so caught up in our daily cycles which always lead to the same rewards.

We all are plagued as humans.. we are plagued by our own thinking, we are plagued by our simplistic needs, we are plagued by deception, we’re plagued by the time-line of what is..

Nowadays everything is so convenient.

Some people can get by and live what is so-called “a great life” without ever lifting a finger.. but who considers this this life as worthy?

We promote these people who live images of “the great life“, the same life depicted by the media as to what constructs true happiness. According to media’s advertisements and messages happiness can only be obtained through wealth, through money and the accumulation of material possessions.

The deception is strong and the truth is far from reality. Most people live according to “the fantasy“; they believe their lives are nothing more than luxurious and thus their lives should be showered in expensive pleasures.

See the problem isn’t so much that we believe “the fantasy” as much as it is that we fail to see the truth.

The truth is we are all capable of so much.. our minds, our bodies and our spirits can achieve new heights daily if we actually applied ourselves to the laws of nature.

We are all so caught up in our technologically filled lives that we neglect nature 100%.

Neglecting time away from technology, neglecting to allocate time to being one with nature we get so caught up in tedious repetition of our daily lives. We get so caught up in the cycles of living that we forget the reasons, purposes and our true way to being.

We get caught up in “this” or “that” rather than giving our attention to the things that actually matter.

Caught up in this way of being we begin to prioritize our goals based on what we want to achieve and have rather than what we actually want to do.

Focus on the doing and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor but if you focus on the expectation on what you hope to achieve a lot of the time we overlook critical steps and aspects that may be right in front of our faces or under our noses.

That’s why they say focus on the “here and now“, focusing on anything else is really just giving your energy away.

There’s nothing wrong with building hopes to achieve something.. that’s not what I’m trying to get at.. the problem is when we fixate to strongly on the expectation rather than the task at hand.

That’s what being present is.. focus on the task at hand.. nothing more..

that’s how you turn your fantasy into a reality.. or how you escape your fantasy..

Remember to always keep a foot in reality.. plan for the worst but don’t let expectations ruin the current moment. Sometimes we need to fantasize in order to escape from what may be paining us this very moment.. just don’t identify to strongly with your escape.

Don’t get to comfortable in your fantasy, remember it’s more less an escape unless we can get something out of it.

Try to see all your actions for what they are and how they influence the world around you. Remember cause equals effect; whether beneficial to our being or not.

Be conscious with how you spend your time. If you’re reality isn’t what you expected start being more realistic with yourself.

Create a vision and break it down using action steps.

Usually we escape more or less based on the control we have over our lives.

Choose to start anew. Begin now and make reality your bitch.

“We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality.” – Iris Murdoch