Be Unconventional

Don’t always conform to other’s ways of doing things..

Sometimes only you know what’s best for you..

Listen to various opinions and make sure to see both sides of the coin but ultimately it’s your life and the decision will rest with you.


Blog Therapy

Nothing feels as good as sharing your thoughts with like-minded individuals who support and nourish your true being.

If you have a platform or a voice don’t take it for granted.. do all you can to spread messages of togetherness and love..

Everything nowadays is made to divide us all

Live and let live and together we can bring about goodness into this world. One person at a time..

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Don’t quit, don’t give up. 

Challenge Yourself

Keep reading and keep working. Find your way to communicate and find your flow expressing yourself.

Don’t back down don’t be afraid just take action and don’t look back.

The longer you wait the more resentment builds and the more likely you are to convince yourself it’s not worth it.

Don’t allow yourself to drown in self pity…

Commit to something and see it through to the end.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my article 8 Principles to Accomplish Any Goal, as well as my site Existing Peacefully: Ideas and Philosophies to Guide Quality Living



Existing Peacefully Blog Site

As of May 29th I began my first blog which is now branded under the name Existing Peacefully since I began writing my blogs I found an enormous sense of joy. I can be a complex individual but blogging allows me to organize and prioritize my thoughts, allowing me to think systematically.

Since I began writing on May 29th to this point July 7th, I’ve written a total of about 35 blogs and hit my 100 like milestone on my blog site. My first full month – being June – I had a total of 75 likes. 🙂

I’m blown away by this, I love to write, I love building websites, I love to learn about stress and mental health but I never thought I’d be able to put it all together into something I love. I love blogging and am super happy to be off on a good start.

As is I’m going onto the second month of my blog and my goal remains constant, improve upon the day before. I try not to stress when it comes to my blogs, I have to remember it’s just a hobby and if anything comes from my blogs it’s a blessing.

So as a means of improving upon the month of June, I am now running a personal blog to track my own personal development progress. I will be running two blogs, my YoungKody blog which is more less a personal journal that I post online and then my other blog Existing Peacefully is a blog meant to support anyone struggling with mental health issues.

My ExistingPeacefully blogs will essentially propel me forward while my YoungKody blog tracks my overall progress. On this blog I’ll feature lots of pictures so viewers can gain insight into my world, I’ll try to post anything relevant to my progress and growth.

Realistically I’m using this blog so that I can stay accountable of my own actions while also reaching like-minded individuals and encouraging change. Existing Peacefully is my biggest goal and I’m taking every action possible to make it a success which is why I figured I’d offer insight into my life.

If you haven’t checked out my blog yet please do its leave some comments let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and be sure to check in to both sites to see updates. Cheerio.