Anxiousness & Establishing Order

My whole life I struggled with something so simple..

Something that I believe progressed and escalated my anxiety..

something that doesn’t allow me to be my full self because I’m to busy having second thoughts being self conscious..

see.. my biggest cripple is something I was un-aware I had control over..

The amount that I sweat has always deterred me in all areas of my life..

Sometimes I overlook this tiny little bodily reaction..

The thing with sweating is it destroys my self-confidence and self-esteem..

I can be excelling at something greatly but as soon as I become aware of my issue; excessive sweating, I’m immediately taken out of my element of “being“.

These self-conscious thoughts create resistance between me and the world around me.

If I could tell you anything.. focus on what you can control.. so I’m writing this to make myself more aware to the possibilities of changing.. I’m becoming aware of the directions I could take this problem to configure it with a lasting solution.

Maybe.. just maybe.. I have no control over my excessive sweating.. or maybe just maybe.. I have full control..

Where I am now.. I’m going to start with the idea I have full control.. thus my mission is to reduce the amount of daily poisons & toxins my body comes into contact with.

This is my current situation:

  • I excessively sweat chronically
  • I smoke weed from the moment I’m home to the moment I go to bed
  • I drink tons of coffee
  • I eat lots of sugar & salty snacks
  • I fail to be consistent with my exercise routine
  • I stress when I sweat causing a deep conditioned cycle of more sweating

So I mean these are just some of the general things I do which I can easily improve if I wanted to.

This is what I hope my new routine could start to look like:

  1. No stress – be proactive & plan ahead
  2. Focusing on deep breathing & yoga each day
  3. Protein and nutrient rich foods
  4. Minimal or no sugar/salty foods
  5. Replace coffee with green tea – of course, the occasional coffee won’t be so bad though ;]
  6. Exercise in the morning – strong sweat followed by shower
  7. Focus on (cleanliness) removing bacteria from self and environment
    1. personal grooming & hygiene
    2. conducive (orderly) environment
  8. If I do smoke weed, do it at night. (this is an improvement considering my current standings – remember to be realistic with yourself)
  9. Dress smart, loose clothing or breathable fabrics, wear dark colors.
  10. Incorporate training supplements when lacking nutrients
  11. Apply clinical antiperspirant (the right way)

Doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful, any improvement is better than none.

Not writing this for any other reason other than to improve myself so this article may be extremely particular.. but it is what it is.. It’s something I’m trying to be real about and something I desperately want to change.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you.. let me know what stops you from being your best self.. let me know what makes you “think twice“, what makes you self-conscious, and what stands in your path to achieving true lasting fulfillment and happiness.

Thanks for reading, be sure to check back for more articles!



Spirit Writing & Writer’s Block

I find it encouraging the rate of which I can generate what I consider a somewhat good quality blog.

There’s certain aspects of writing that come to my really easy at this point while there’s other aspects I’m still working on improving..

Currently, I write pretty naturally.. I’m a fast typer and a quick thinker and I can basically pour the words onto the screen about as quick as I can think of them.

Up until this point I’ve written various formats of blogs; I’ve written research papers, rhymes, self-journals, quoted pictures with captions, and letters to my self..

All these are used as learning tools and techniques for what I’m truly trying to understand.. the best and most efficient way to spread my message and be myself..

I use to beat myself up about writing.. I use to be like “oh, I better write 10 articles so I can schedule them ahead and I don’t fall behind“. This was the kind of thinking and stress that killed my writing and process to writing.

I use to be so concentrated on things that I never took action to complete.. I would always borrow time from the future.. schedule blocks for tomorrow but never actually abided by those blocks… I was simply avoiding due to the amount of stress I created on myself.

I’ve learnt a lot about writing up until this point and if there’s anything I know it’s just to “let it be“, same with life as anything else.

I use to let my blogs consume my thoughts 24/7.. I use to let blog thoughts interrupt my reality constantly.. I would think about my blog and my expectations for success so much that it actually depleted my success… it depleted my energy and it depleted my ability to concentrate on the project more than I have to.

At that point, the blogs have already consumed me.. so when it came to writing I was already exhausted and deflated..

My technique now is as I mentioned.. “let it be“. Don’t accumulate guilt or grief.

If you didn’t take action, plan to… then of course “let it be“. When you have come back the situation where the circumstance presents itself, its your move, take action.

Don’t get caught up in the workings of the mind, don’t over think, work fluidly.

Do whatever calls your attention this very moment.. address whatever my concern you.

Build yourself up so your voice can be one of strength, resilience and pure determination.

Your writing will coincide with how you live your life, so if you’re insecure.. in your writing it’ll show.

That’s why I strive to be happy, so I can be a happy writer.. so when people analyze the tone of my writings they can see my state of mind.. they can see the emotion that flows through.

Be happy, life’s to short to be anything else; strive to see the bigger picture. We’re all capable of so much.

Don’t resort to feeling stuck, feeling stuck in life will translate in your writing. Feel freedom, that’s where the true beauty shines through.


Challenges & Stretching Comfort Zones

When was the last time you’ve changed things up?

We’re all creatures of habit but when was the last time you added variety to your life?

When was the last time you tried to establish a new good habit?

When was the last time you did something and thought to yourself “wow, as if I just did that!”?

Have you been stuck in your shell for to long?

Life gets dull when we remain stagnate.

Move, get outside.. find ways of being active.. ways of socializing with others..

It’s so easy to retreat to our comfort zones where stress levels are manageable.

We need to break free from the chains of past conditioning, break out of your old habits and challenge yourself to tackle something new.

What’s holding you back from trying something new?

Why not pick up a new hobby? try a new routine? 

Why not volunteer somewhere?

Why not work in new ways to better yourself?

Get comfortable leading by example, not everyone will understand your reason for doing the things you do, but don’t let that stop you.

Do you and embrace more and more of the possibilities of what is.

You don’t need to see the whole staircase but you do need to take the first step.

Don’t lose your flare or spark for life, ignite change.


Rise Above


Stop asking “why” and “what-if”, stop thinking in general, if you’re in a hole it’s time to set thinking aside and start taking action.

Create an action plan that can be a guideline for instruction and abide by the plan daily. Don’t overthink or overanalyze, create realistic steps and follow your word.

Don’t resort to feeling trapped by your current circumstances, take action and rise above.

“If you find yourself in a hole first thing to do is stop digging” – Will Rogers



Releasing the Ego & Finding Purpose

Dear Future Self,

It’s incredible the insight I gain from my own writing.. I love writing.. such a great way to reduce stress..

I use to be a ticking bomb of emotion internalizing everything and getting trapped constantly.. my ego was such a burden and my lesson came strong.

Without my ego I love life as it is. Without ego I actually enjoy this very moment.. without ego I can do things just for the esteem it builds for myself rather than just doing something to impress another individual.

The ego lesson is a tough one that will definitely deter you in every way possible.

Humility is a lesson best learnt by being humble and soon enough as individuals we realize this depending on our level of maturity and knowledge.

I think this is true development.. learning to accept humility.. basically accepting suffering.. accepting the negative because without the negative we fail to see the polarity of true positive direction.

If we constantly discount the negative we are choosing to turn a blind eye to the fact and subconsciously accepting the consequences of what is.

Don’t discount the negative, be aware of it. Plan for the best but expect the worst as the saying goes. This doesn’t mean we will definitely experience the worst case scenario but what it does mean is that we are equipped for whatever life throws at us.

Life will never go according to expectation it’s time to stopping holding these demanding thoughts in our heads. Let go and accept whatever may come your way, honor it with the most concentrated self and present awareness.

Allow the universe to flow in whatever direction it sees fit, allow your being to glide through the beautiful journey.

Put away your resistance, just be.

Life is beautiful when you look to find the positive, the silver lining.

As humans we are consequently flawed thinkers who tend to overgeneralize and see patterns even if there are no patterns to be seen.

If you’re worst flaw is that you over accentuate the positive then let it be, let it become your overgeneralization, let it become the way you see the world.

All consciousness we come into contact with is a reflection of our own being at this very point in time so let your being flow with endless love and unwavering faith.

Find your purpose and believe with everything you have.

Once you apply your “self” to your purpose the universe will begin to align as if it is serving you.

Life is wonderful be we must be fully aware of all the possible toxicities that could corrupt our being, these possible toxicities can create an avalanche of problems once we accept them as our true identity.

We are formless and as humans we are one connecting binding energy.

Be a light that helps other’s see beyond their basic senses, needs and wants.

Carry with you the light of the world as you embark on your travels, you’ll encounter many darkness’s and demons but as long as you continue to fight for what is yours  you will find your right place in the kingdom of light as it was meant to be.

Find a way to ward off all the bad that may be surrounding you at this very moment.

Find a way to re-center yourself when things may become to much to handle. Find a way to reduce stress levels so you can focus on the important aspects of life and so you can live in the “now” channeling yourself fully into whatever it is you may be doing.

Acknowledge the stress but then choose to let it go. Let the stress be a driving force that alerts you that action needs to be taken then close your mind and do what needs to be done.

Don’t let stress accumulate in the mind resulting in overthinking, don’t let stress accumulate on the body resulting in over-consuming and don’t let stress accumulate on your spirit to the point where you choose to an ignorant life instead of a flourishing one.

We all have so much we’re capable of but it’s on us to develop our capacities to handle stress well.

Choose to be happy, choose to see life as an adventure and the universe catalog of things you’re soon to do. Don’t accumulate possessions, accumulate moments and see every moment as a chance to seize the day.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha


Past Self

Constructive Reality


Don’t look outside yourself for someone to help you regain control of your life, you are not a victim, you are fully accountable for the direction of your life.

Don’t whimper or whine, don’t expect someone to be your hero, we’re all the hero of our own stories but it’s up to us to determine that narrative as true.

Schedule blocks of time for things that truly matter and eliminate time-wasted on things that don’t. Be wary of your thoughts; notice that good thoughts are constructive in reality while negative thoughts dissolve what is.

Take responsibility for your life up until this point; the past is the past, let it be and begin working towards a greater future.

“Accept responsibility for your life, know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown