Learnt Assertiveness

I found strength in the violence

Being assertive doesn’t come naturally, it’s something we work on and determine for ourselves.

The road of life will teach you over the course of time the responsibility and impact of assertiveness.

What does it mean to be assertive?

Being assertive means saying what needs to be said, in a calm, proficient manner; whether for self or for all individuals of the environment.

Assert your reality

Basically, take action and don’t be afraid to speak up when the opportunity presents itself.

When we fail to be assertive we take the path of no resistance (passive) or too much resistance (aggressive). Be assertive and allow the universe to flow.

Being passive you’ll learn in time that you’ll never get what you truly want.

Being aggressive you’ll learn how easy it is to push people away.

Being assertive you can create happiness for yourself and others around you.

Being passive is being quiet, allowing “what is” regardless if we believe it’s morally or ethically right. We sit back due to fear of rejection and allow the unethical dilemma to take place.

Being aggressive we learn to take a stance for what we believe in but we position ourselves in a way where we’re fueled by the thought “we know we’re right”. We assume we know best and are close minded to any other approach.

Again, being neither passive or aggressive will we create the life we want, we need to learn to “assert our realities” in the present moment.

Make a conscious effort to be more assertive when given the chance. Allow your little assertiveness victories to accumulate in to grand rewards and abundance.

Be objective and strive to help others to see objectively… Help others find their strength; Be encouraging, inspirit and open-minded to all possibilities.


Ostrich-ing & Conscious Living

A man of means prioritizes his count

This is something I’m working on myself.

At this point of my life its so common, I’ll do anything that stops me from thinking…

We drown our sorrows with distractions, we repress emotions that come back to bite us hard in the long-term.

A lot of us are “ostrich-ing” we dig our head in the sand and are oblivious to what is actually going on around us.

For some of us, life is to much to make sense of.

For some of us, we are so deep into our destructive behavior that we couldn’t see it any other way.

Most of us rationalize our failures to ourselves and determine this as our reality.

Few of us continuously strive to rise above the confines of the current environment.

Don’t ostrich, choose to see the real in what is, see the truth, the factual evidence. Choose to find clarity and work to find your “true north“.

So again I revisit this quote:

A man of means prioritizes his count

What are you doing to evaluate yourself?

Do you allow yourself free range at whatever it is you desire or do you display discipline and self-control?

Are you deliberate with the way you spend your resources? your time, your money?

Are you honest with yourself with what you can and can’t afford?

Do you accumulate things you probably don’t and will never need?

Do you actually use everything you have? or does most of your stuff collect dust?

To many possessions can quickly become a burden due to the need of physical attachment to these objects… We feel we need to give all our “toys” the attention they deserve…

We see the cost we had to endure and we can’t let go of our intention for the object, we have an expectation which over time may become a repressed emotion. 

We keep the object out of  fear and attach ourselves to the concept of utilizing  the object (maybe one day) or fear losing the memories once shared.

Becoming: Establishing Order out of Chaos

Be certain, don’t let others steer you off course.

Other people will have their opinions, that’s fine.. just don’t let their opinions become your reality.

We are always in the process of becoming.

Don’t fixate on trying to understand yourself so deeply, just work on concentrating thought with a strong positive energy.

Focus on what it is you’re becoming.

Analyze, evaluate and re-evaluate your priorities, don’t let others determine what matters to you. You define your worth, no one else.

Let this moment be one of gratitude, on of patience, and one of ease.

Be happy with what you have but be determined to strive for more. We are in a state of constant growth when we choose to accept reality as it’s presented to us.

Choose to be present in this very moment and dedicate yourself to a task that needs doing.

Create your own worth, build your self-esteem till you’ve achieved strong sense of confidence. Let that confidence translate into all areas of your life.

If you waste to much time, acknowledge your distractions. Either get rid of the or separate yourself from them.

Don’t divide your attention, don’t multitask (unless you truly have to), and don’t over think. Just get down to business and apply yourself fully to whatever it is you have to do.

Strive to create order out of what would of been triumphant chaos. Don’t let chaos overrule your life, focus on those things under your control.

Letting Go & Being Happy

When was the last time you didn’t feel an enormous weight on your shoulders?

What’s weighing you down?

Are you putting to much pressure on yourself? is someone else?

Life’s to short to be anything other than happy.

Don’t let anyone dictate your happiness, allow yourself to do what truly fulfills you regardless of outside judgments.

If something or someone is a constant burden to your being, do what’s necessary to separate yourself from this negativity; addition by subtraction so to say.

Again, life’s to short to be anything but happy.

Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to be something your not. You are beautiful the way you are.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and once you open up your eyes to the endless possibilities life has to offer you’ll see life as it is, an endless wonder.

Accept who you are, be patient, happy and participate in life; only then do true miracles begin happening.

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln


The Profound War

Why is it so hard for us to do what we know is right?

Why doesn’t all of humanity have the right idea?

Why is the truth hidden? deceptions promoted?

Why is it so easy to talk about darkness, killing, death, pains but not easy to talk about love, light, peace and God?

Why do people get defensive the moment you even bring up the concept of God?

Why can’t people allow people to think for themselves without getting defensive?

Why do I feel like there’s so much sadness bringing me down? so much weight on my shoulders when there’s nothing there?

Why do we feel hopeless? Why are we afraid to talk about mental health? Why do we always feel like we’ll be judged for being our genuine selves?

Are we using religion as an escape or are people ignorant to the healing powers and capabilities?

Why can’t I just accept God into my heart? I believe he’s there.. I just wish he would give me the tools I need to complete myself. To break out of the chains that limit me.

I need to break my cycle of addiction, as long as I give myself to the physical desires I lose all motivation to acquire anything more.

I need to stop giving myself to the senses.

I need to establish a support system that inspires me to be my whole self.

Where do I find this support system though? I can’t even talk about my beliefs with my neighbor?

The only place I’ve found like-minded thinkers is online at this point..

I’m a reserved individual, so I don’t talk to everyone but I need to work on building a support system for myself in my daily life.

God is the connection I want to make with others so I want to embrace him more.

I want to find salvation and I believe I will.. I pray for the day it all changes.





Simple Pleasures


We all have our own methods of releasing stress to some our ideas may seem like total time-wasters, but to others our time-wasters may be an blissful way to escape from the stress of daily life.

Sometimes simple pleasures are the best coping mechanisms but we need to be sure we don’t identify to strongly with these pleasures to the point where they begin to consume our lives.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time” Marthe Troly-Curtin

Releasing the Ego & Finding Purpose

Dear Future Self,

It’s incredible the insight I gain from my own writing.. I love writing.. such a great way to reduce stress..

I use to be a ticking bomb of emotion internalizing everything and getting trapped constantly.. my ego was such a burden and my lesson came strong.

Without my ego I love life as it is. Without ego I actually enjoy this very moment.. without ego I can do things just for the esteem it builds for myself rather than just doing something to impress another individual.

The ego lesson is a tough one that will definitely deter you in every way possible.

Humility is a lesson best learnt by being humble and soon enough as individuals we realize this depending on our level of maturity and knowledge.

I think this is true development.. learning to accept humility.. basically accepting suffering.. accepting the negative because without the negative we fail to see the polarity of true positive direction.

If we constantly discount the negative we are choosing to turn a blind eye to the fact and subconsciously accepting the consequences of what is.

Don’t discount the negative, be aware of it. Plan for the best but expect the worst as the saying goes. This doesn’t mean we will definitely experience the worst case scenario but what it does mean is that we are equipped for whatever life throws at us.

Life will never go according to expectation it’s time to stopping holding these demanding thoughts in our heads. Let go and accept whatever may come your way, honor it with the most concentrated self and present awareness.

Allow the universe to flow in whatever direction it sees fit, allow your being to glide through the beautiful journey.

Put away your resistance, just be.

Life is beautiful when you look to find the positive, the silver lining.

As humans we are consequently flawed thinkers who tend to overgeneralize and see patterns even if there are no patterns to be seen.

If you’re worst flaw is that you over accentuate the positive then let it be, let it become your overgeneralization, let it become the way you see the world.

All consciousness we come into contact with is a reflection of our own being at this very point in time so let your being flow with endless love and unwavering faith.

Find your purpose and believe with everything you have.

Once you apply your “self” to your purpose the universe will begin to align as if it is serving you.

Life is wonderful be we must be fully aware of all the possible toxicities that could corrupt our being, these possible toxicities can create an avalanche of problems once we accept them as our true identity.

We are formless and as humans we are one connecting binding energy.

Be a light that helps other’s see beyond their basic senses, needs and wants.

Carry with you the light of the world as you embark on your travels, you’ll encounter many darkness’s and demons but as long as you continue to fight for what is yours  you will find your right place in the kingdom of light as it was meant to be.

Find a way to ward off all the bad that may be surrounding you at this very moment.

Find a way to re-center yourself when things may become to much to handle. Find a way to reduce stress levels so you can focus on the important aspects of life and so you can live in the “now” channeling yourself fully into whatever it is you may be doing.

Acknowledge the stress but then choose to let it go. Let the stress be a driving force that alerts you that action needs to be taken then close your mind and do what needs to be done.

Don’t let stress accumulate in the mind resulting in overthinking, don’t let stress accumulate on the body resulting in over-consuming and don’t let stress accumulate on your spirit to the point where you choose to an ignorant life instead of a flourishing one.

We all have so much we’re capable of but it’s on us to develop our capacities to handle stress well.

Choose to be happy, choose to see life as an adventure and the universe catalog of things you’re soon to do. Don’t accumulate possessions, accumulate moments and see every moment as a chance to seize the day.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha


Past Self