The Profound Effect of Blogging

It allows me a space to pour my heart; the best reflection of who I am..

When I’m sad I think of my blog and I am instantly grateful

I thank you to anyone who reads, likes and follows my blogs

Consider finding the best way to express yourself that works for you

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Thanks again for reading! 


Blogging for Opportunity

What kind of jobs are available where you live?

I live in a small community of 40,000 people in a city called Cornwall..

I have plenty of years experience in customer service but aside from that I don’t have the “best” qualifications.. I worked at Future Shop for a year and was #1 sales consultant on our team; but unfortunately Future Shop closed down and I was out of a job..

Aside from that Ive been at Dairy Queen for 6 years..

I had a mentorship with an ex girlfriend’s dad and he taught me how to create a blogging business; squandered that opportunity

since then been resentful about the opportunity I lost

Started blogging again May 29th, 2017 and whew what a sense of relief..

going to commit to my blog for a longgggg time; its more of a way to relieve stress than a money-maker..

but man if it was a money-maker would I ever be grateful..

Theres so few jobs where I live.. mostly warehouses and nursing homes

trying to keep the dream alive; would love to work for myself…

Blog Quantity vs Quality

I feel like blogging is my outlet there’s just so much to do to make progress; I’m testing this blog site to see the difference between quality/quantity content.

As it is I take enough time to put together my blogs for Existing Peacefully.

I currently make 3 articles a week but am debating whether I should make less articles with improved content.

If you (the reader) have a blog how many articles a week do you generate?

Let me know! Leave some comments