Overcoming Invisible Battles

What’s beating you up?

Are you mad at yourself or those around you?

Do you lash out because you’re at your wits ends?

How we feel is a personal choice and allowing ourselves to feel angry and upset is just a response to how we feel about ourselves.

Maybe you showed up at work today and gave somebody the cold shoulder, maybe you had snarky remarks, or maybe you just always respond with sass?

When we feel disoriented with ourselves and our place in reality we quickly turn to this way of being. Fed up with feeling guilt and remorse, our minds shift the focus from blaming ourselves to blaming others.

This is where “feeling like the victim“, a me against the world mentality comes into play.

We need to always work to find the truth of the situation…

Why do I feel this way?

Is it normal for me to feel this way?

What can I do to relieve the feeling of anxiousness?

Again, how we feel is a personal choice.

Consider this reaction:

You think to yourself, “hey, I better get these dishes done cause I won’t have time later”, but there’s also a new episode of your favorite show airing.. everything’s on demand now-a-days but regardless you need to be in the “know” and see the newest episode.

The cost forgone to watch this new show is the fact we will owe time later, we have officially borrowed time from the future that we will eventually repay at a greater convenience.

The lesson:

We need to be fully aware of whatever it is we’re doing. Giving up our current duties to escape will never settle well in our being.

Honor your awareness and be responsible.

If you know you are supposed to do something, do it. There’s no better time than right now to get things done.

Don’t resort to playing the victim and feelings of hopelessness.

  • The future is created by what you’re doing right now. You are what you repeatedly do, so begin working towards your best self.
  • Only you can determine your worth, don’t let outside noise, distractions and others determine who you are.
  • Fashion the best you possible. Be a designer of your reality, a designer of you and a designer of your circumstances.
  • We can’t control everything but we can handle how we respond to the world around us and what we do with what we’ve been given.
  • Decide you’ll no longer take life for granted commit to a better life and a better version of you.

Life’s to short to be unhappy and displeased.

Address anything you may have neglected in the past. Let the wisdom and knowledge you currently possess carry this moment to new heights.

Change is inevitable, a fool buries his head while a wise man will plan for the coming attractions.

The Flow of the Seasons

“As he sows so shall he reap.”

Hard work pays off. There’s a season to sow (work) and a season to reap (for rewards) but the who are never done in the same season.

Determine your current situation, what would the “season” be in accordance to your being?

Determine the best course for action and work to become the hero of your own story.

You are all you will ever need to create happiness. Happiness is a decision you make with your internal self, it’s seeing the intrinsic value of your life rather than being shallow and surface-level. Happiness is being grateful with who you are and what you’ve been given. UNTIL you accept that, you can never truly be happy.

Be present in your current reality, choose to see the possibilities and to emphasize the good in all things.

Choose to see things with a beginners’ mind, choose to see awe in all things with an open-mind to the potential opportunities.

Learning to Accept Today

Begin participating in what the universe has provided; live according to what the universe has to offer free from the chains of past conditioning.

Choose to bring your light and love into every situation. Don’t overthink and don’t be overly critical of expectations and desired outcomes. Don’t focus on being happy in the future, focus on being happy now.

There’s no amount of regretting or remorse that can change the past and similarly so there is no amount of worry and doubt that can change the future. All we have is NOW. If you fail to abide by NOW, there’s tomorrow, but tomorrow’s not always promised.

As I mentioned prior in this article, when we fail to honor the NOW we are reserving borrowed time from our future. Don’t steal life from today, use today to strengthen tomorrow. Harvest today so we can reap tomorrow.

Get comfortable living in the NOW.

Take action to build and create with emphasis on appreciating each moment. Appreciate what is, but work for more. Carry a humble attitude and remember the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is allowing ourselves to “be” in the process of “becoming“.

We are always in the process of becoming even if we fail to see what it is we are becoming.

We need to be deliberate and concrete with our vision and goals.

Have you stopped to consider who you want to be in the future?

Have you thought to yourself what you would like to be doing?

How you want to feel?

As time moves on so do our opinions and views. The one thing that shouldn’t change is what we are striving to work towards, the person we want to be.

  • The person we want to be should be one who is happy, one who sees value in the small things, one who cherishes all moments cause each is it’s own memory.
  • The person we should want to be is a person who is independent creating their own happiness. A person who chooses to see the truth and the good in all.

Don’t build beliefs till they consume you till your bitter end. Build beliefs that allow your mind’s eye to open, build beliefs that expand the idea of who you are. Build beliefs that build positive connections with mother earth, build beliefs that allow you to find inner peace, build beliefs that allow you to release inner turmoil. Build beliefs that change humanity in a positive way, build beliefs that inspire tireless action.

All you have is you.

The world is a reflection of how we see ourselves and once we begin seeing ourselves in a better light we can come into our beings on what could be considered our “new earth” filled with heavenly wonders.

Don’t dismiss the possibilities and forces at hand. Don’t turn a blind eye, choose to chase knowledge and wisdom.

We are all that we are, it is what it is, and if it’s meant to be it’ll be. Just remember to have a thick skin but be warming and supportive to those you come into contact with.

We all have invisible battles, be sensitive to others and their problems.. treat others as you wish to be treated and the universe will provide full of abundance.


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