Unedited: 30 Thoughts on Creating Abundance

1. Take care of your well-being, your mental and physical health. Your body is the temple that makes all things possible.

2. Be supportive and warm towards others. Offer a helping hand, be generous and give what you do not need.

3. Focus on intrinsic rewards; Be minimal, humble and grateful in all circumstances.

4. Be deliberate when feeding the senses. Don’t over-consume unconsciously.

5. Focus on earning rather than spending, building rather than flaunting.

6. Eliminate emotional responses and impulses. Find your calmness, your inner peace, your way to cope with stress so you can better channel yourself when the time calls to.

7. Focus on adding value to yourself and to others.

8. Find a source, mentor, or create a personal development planner.

9. Realize the journey never ends, we can always harvest for a better tomorrow.

10. Know that you determine what’s meaningful and what’s meaningless; find purpose doing things you find meaning in.

11. Always look to re-evaluate, reconsider things you could sacrifice, let go of, things that are keeping you “feeling stuck“.

12. Brush off all judgments, labels, stereotypes and just allow yourself to flow within the confines of the universe undefined.

13. Get comfortable observing thoughts, step back, realize the limits you place on yourself, allow yourself to believe in the good things coming.

14. Be patient, realize the universe is always working whether you are attentively participating or not.

15. Change is inevitable, be smart and focus on those things under your control.

16. Don’t spend time worrying. Do what you have to do when you have to do it. Be responsible.

17. Be a “yes” person, don’t dismiss opportunities, do your part and the rest will work itself out.

18. Keep things light, don’t bring up heavy subjects that aren’t for the faint of heart.

19. Be assertive, don’t be afraid to say what needs to be said.

20. Use silence as power, when you speak use your words wisely.

21. Keep a good attitude with the best of intentions. Be hopeful.

22. Find a hobby, an art-form or activity that you find lots of joy in outside of work.

23. Commit to a balanced in all areas especially when it comes to work-life.

24. Remember we all have bad days and if someone is venting let them speak, if someone is acting out of anger, don’t take it personal.

25. Don’t attach yourself to things you don’t need, they’ll just weigh you down and become a hassle in the long-term.

26. Find better, more efficient ways to do the things you’re already doing. Find alternatives that could potentially help you reduce costs.

27. Find joy doing simple things that are free or low cost. Get in touch with nature.. go for walks, go for a bike-ride, go camping.

28. Do what you love everyday, find others who share the same passion and socialize amongst your circles.

29. Honor each moment with full present moment awareness and begin stacking honored moments. Address your concerns when they arise so you can move on to bigger better things.

30. Be you! allow your unique gift to flow and allow yourself to be free from past conditioning and other’s expectations.



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