The On-Going Journey

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged last but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

See my whole life up until this point and even at this point has been a battle with myself and my mind…

Everything I do is a way to escape the trappings of my mind essentially.

I wasn’t always like this though… I never use to get trapped over thinking… friggen puberty and adolescence…

Haha I became a really complex individual growing up a lot of reason behind that stems from personal issues of the past.

Self-awareness is our friend. Growing up you may have considered me as oblivious or dangerously optimistic.

I didn’t really care about the negative effects of anything… I figured what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I pushed on trying to learn and grow; doing everything I can to become the man I wanted to be…

Realistically I had no idea I was so caught up in idealism. I was caught up in ideas that were unrealistic and improbable…

Having goals that are improbable is fine… we all need to set our sights high… but when we create unrealistic goals we tend to split ourselves…

My whole life I’ve been split. Partially here, partially there… all hopes set on a more than ideal future.

I was going to have it all… money, possessions, women… oh hell yeah

Haha but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

Although I fancied myself no one else seemed to.

This was something I struggled forever with… being in the here and now…

Honestly the first 30+ blogs I wrote on my site (Existing Peacefully) were great… I love each blog to bits haha there may be one or two I would reconsider but ultimately my first 30+ blogs allowed me to gain insight into who I am fully.

Spirituality and religion are two things I keep dear to me. I’ve had many difficult times and time and time again it’s when I believe in something bigger than myself is when something great becomes accomplished.

Ultimately I’m just writing this to say thank you for anyone who’s helped me through-out my life, thank you for anyone who reads my articles and thank you for anyone who wakes up with intentions to make this world a better place.

Love and be loved, that’s all that truly matters.

Be sure to Exist Peacefully, Ciao


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