Be Unconventional

Don’t always conform to other’s ways of doing things..

Sometimes only you know what’s best for you..

Listen to various opinions and make sure to see both sides of the coin but ultimately it’s your life and the decision will rest with you.


Blog Therapy

Nothing feels as good as sharing your thoughts with like-minded individuals who support and nourish your true being.

If you have a platform or a voice don’t take it for granted.. do all you can to spread messages of togetherness and love..

Everything nowadays is made to divide us all

Live and let live and together we can bring about goodness into this world. One person at a time..

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Don’t quit, don’t give up. 

Changing Demands

Control what you can and let the universe play out… nothing will ever be considered perfect.. life’s what you make it.

Choose to be happy with what you’ve got and to make the most of every moment.

Truthfully most of our situations are not all that bad.. we just tend to linger in our sadness..

Don’t let that be you.. find your happiness and never let it go.