Love for Blink-182

“Here nights are foggy and weird, everyone I trusted disappeared breathing life into my deepest fears” – Blink-182

Isolation is a big part of what I had to go through as an individual. Had to learn to live with myself before letting others in. Songs like this speak to me so strongly, I can listen to a song like Blink-182’s Bottom of the Ocean¬†hundreds of times before I get bored of it. A little bit today a little bit tomorrow, just allows me to remember who I am.

Blink-182 was always an obsession for me. Their new Deluxe California album really speaks to me spiritually in a way that Classified’s self titled album did.

Blink sends all the right messages in an abstract form and I love it. Their lyrics and melody are simple but genius.

“Days, I’ve been like this for days, hiding underneath the darkest waves I’ve been praying for the tide to change” – Blink-182

Listening to the new Blink album brings me back to the feelings I had when I was a young adolescent. What a great attitude, and that was me. I was consumed by Blink and nothing else. I avoided all mainstream media (unintentionally) and just listened to my Blink albums repeatedly. I had every album, multiple shirts and all their DVDs… I was a super fan.

Nothing could split me from Blink until of course Blink split. Was brutal for me especially considering their music was my life. It was literally the only music I’ve been listening to for years so it really meant something to me.

For me I love everything about Blink, their sound, lyrics and attitude but what I loved most was the abstract strategy they developed for song-writing.

Group song-writing is a lost art, nowadays you have all these individuals who release their independent albums but nothing as deep and thought-provoking as the new Blink album.

Mark and Travis have a knack for metaphors and their albums will mean different things to different people but to me nothing has brought me back the feelings of happiness and ease the way the new Blink album did. So much in a sense that I wanted to write this blog just to express my own appreciation.

Don’t forget to Eat. Sleep. & Blink.



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