Philadelphia Eagles 2017

I’m so excited for the 2017 NFL season to kick-off!

Philadelphia Eagles should be a whole new team this time around. Question is will they be able to improve on 2016’s 7 win 9 loss record?

There’s plenty of reasons to get excited about the Eagles this year. Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas did an amazing job with the draft bringing in dynamic playmakers through free agency and the draft.

The upside:

  • Eagles have been highly regarded as one of the best offensive lines this year especially in terms of depth
  •  New dynamic to the passing game bringing in veteran receivers Alshon Jeffrey & Torrey Smith not to mention 4th round draft pick the 175lb Donnel Pumphrey
  • 260lb Workhorse back Legarrette Blount; can’t wait to see him grinding out yards
  • Carson Wentz looked favorable many times last year although his receivers never allowed the team to be consistent.
  • New receivers head coach Mike Groh lit a match under Nelson Agholor so far in OTAs
  • In 2016 Trey Burton began looking reliable catching the football and will have an increased role in 2017
  • Defensive line looks scary; Graham, Jernigan, Cox, Long, Curry and 1st Round draft pick Derek Barnett should make things interesting for sure.

The potential downfalls:

  • Wentz looked amazing last year at the beginning of the season but slowly regressed throughout the year, of course hard to be a quarterback and make sound decisions when you lack faith in your receivers catching the ball
  • Limited experience at cornerback; Aside from veteran Patrick Robinson whose stats have slowly regressed the past few year due to injuries, Jalen Mills is the only corner with real starting experience in the NFL and that not saying much considering he’s been playing for a year. A lot of responsibility falls on newcomer Rasul Douglas to step up and show starting potential.
  • Potential injuries to key role players such as Blount or Jeffrey can definitely through the Eagles season off course

Sidney Jones drafted in the second round by the Philadelphia Eagles is an amazing talent but coming into the NFL with a torn achilles it’s probably best he sits out a year and makes a full recovery before hitting the gridiron, can’t wait to see the flair he brings.

Aside from that I look forward to the future of the Eagles. Bringing in Joe Douglas to be head of the scouting department was genius and will work wonders for our player management as long as the duo of Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas exists Eagles will continue to propel forward making strides in their game.

Joe Douglas has a proven track record when it comes to scouting while Roseman is a master trade negotiator, although the Eagles may not have much salary cap following the 2017 season I have faith the Roseman-Douglas duo will shock the NFL with what they’re able to accomplish.

Eagle’s Firsts in 2017

  • First preaseason game: 8pm @ Green Bay Packers Aug 10th
  • First regular season game: 1pm @ Washington Redskins Sept 10th
  • First regular season home game: 1pm @ New York Giants Sept 24th
  • Bye week is week 10
  • Vs Redskins weeks 1 & 7 (Sept 10th & Oct 23rd) finished 8-7 in 2016
  • Vs Giants weeks 3 & 15 (Sept 24 & Dec 17th) finished 11-5 in 2016
  • Vs Cowboys weeks 11 & 17 (Nov 19th & Dec 31st) finished 13-3 in 2016

2017 Opponents who finished above .500% in 2016 (aside from NFC east)

  • Andy Reid (Chiefs) week 2 (Sept 17th) finished 12-4 in 2016
  • Denver Broncos week 9 (Nov 5th) finished 9-7 in 2016
  • Seahawks week 13 (Dec 3rd) finished 10-5 in 2016
  • Oakland Raiders week 16 (Dec 25th) finished 12-4 in 2016

2017 Favorable Bye Weeks

In 2016 Eagle’s schedule featured an early bye week in week 3 and 3 straight games of opponents coming off bye weeks (Minnesota, Dallas & New York)

In 2017 Eagle’s bye week is week 10 and they will not play a single team coming off of a bye week.

2016 Offensive Productivity By The Numbers


  • Carson Wentz finished the season throwing 16 TDs and 14 INT, 3782 total yard and a QB rating of 79.3


  • Ryan Matthews 661 yards with 8 TDs averaging 4.3 on 155 attempts
  • Sproles had 438 yards for 2TDs averaging 4.7 on 94 attempts
  • Smallwood had 312 yards for 1TD averaging 4.1 on 77 attempts.

Ryan Matthews is still on injured reserve as soon as he’s cleared by medical he will most likely be cut. After signing the sledgehammer Legarrette Blount and adding college all-time leading rusher Donell Pumphrey the backfield should see somewhat of a new dynamic. Should be impressive.


  • Zach Ertz 816 yards with 4 TDs averaging 10.5 yards on 78 receptions
  • Jordan Matthews 804 yards  with 3 TDs averaging 11 yards on 73 receptions
  • Darren Sproles 427 yards with 2 TDs averaging 8.2 yards on 52 receptions
  • Dorial Green-Beckham 392 yards with 2 TDs averaging 10.9 on 36 receptions
  • Nelson Agholor 365 yards with 2 TDs averaging 10.1 yards on 36 receptions
  • Trey Burton 327 yards with 1TD averaging 8.8 yards on 37 receptions

Green-Beckham is no longer on the team in 2017; Now replaced with veterans Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith and rookies Shelton Gibson and Mack Hollins receiving numbers should drastically improve in 2017.

Defense & Special Teams in 2017

Our 2016 defense really wasn’t all that bad. Our offense put our defense in a lot of tough situations and the defense most of the time kept them in the game. If the offense can start performing the Eagles are on their way to being a three-phased team.

Thoughts on The Upcoming 2017 Season

Year after year Eagles tend to have stellar special teams performances, now its to make it work offensively and defensively as well. We seem to have acquired almost all the pieces of the puzzle but now its to make it all fit as one cohesive unit.






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